Professional Psychology CV Templates, Sample & Guide

Are you looking to start a career in psychology? Landing that first job in your preferred field needs more than the best educational background or still earlier work experience. You also want to have the best tools to attract the notice of those hiring for such positions. A professional curriculum vitae can be one of those. The psychology CV example and accompanying writing points covered here will show you how to fit your skills and experience into such a Curriculum Vitae CV in a way composed to draw in the interest of those who will later review it.

What does Psychology Do?

Psychologists work with people dealing with emotional and behavioral problems or struggling with psychological issues and habits to grow insight into their circumstances and develop treatment plans to help cope with symptoms. They use tools such as hypnosis, stress-reducing exercises, behavior modification techniques, and psychotherapy. They might also include a patient’s family in his or her medication to help improve and foster secure support networks.

A psychologist’s job is often done in conjunction with clinical care, hence needing them to work closely with other healthcare providers. Knowing these job duties allows you to see how your current skills and experience may be applied to the position you are exploring. That information lets you use the psychology CV example provided here to showcase your properties in the right circumstances. Ultimately, your CV should show you as being able of stepping into the role without expecting extensive job monitoring or practice.

Tips for Creating a Great Psychology CV

The CV example should be seen as a roadmap to help you in the mission of creating a valuable employment reference document. Don’t forget, however, remember to put your mark on it. When personalizing your CV, explain the following tips:

  1. Try to avoid repetitions

  2. Do not insert information

  3. Include metrics where you can

  4. Do not list any information that encourages

  • Try to avoid repetitions whenever feasible. Look at what the particular subheading is asking for. An example would be stating only your former roles in your professional summary, and then going into greater detail in terms of your responsibilities when posting your work experience.
  • Do not insert information related to your high school education unless it directly applies to the position that you are seeking.
  • Include metrics where you can. This allows the reader of your Curriculum Vitae to understand the exact impact of your achievements. Bypass any details. However, that might be considered proprietary, such as detailed company financial information.
  • Do not list any information that encourages a particular religious or political view. Such statements may serve to alienate hiring managers before you ever get the opportunity to meet them.


What to include on a Psychology Resume?

  1. A strong profile statement

  2. Marketable relevant skills

  3. Licensing information

  4. Educational Background

  5. Relevant Experiences

  6. Add your accomplishments

  7. Any awards or honors

  • An ideal psychologist resume comprises of the following-
  • A strong profile statement. This section defines whether the job provider will read your resume or put your resume down and move on to the next.
  • Marketable relevant skills that make you outshine. Include both hard and soft skills.
  • Licensing information. Try to include the license number as well.
  • Years of experience.
  • Any specialties to set you apart from other candidates.
  • Educational Background. Certifications
  • Any memberships.
  • Relevant prior Experiences. Quantify them.
  • Add accomplishments.
  • Any awards or honors.
  • Resume keywords from the job description are a must. Assure that you customize your Psychology CV resume as well as the cover letter.


Psychology CV Sample

Below is a sample psychology resume and CV that Explain how to write a Psychology resume or CV. The first resume, directly below, is for a psychology graduate some years out of school seeking career possibilities in private practice. Since the job seeker has several years of experience, the Experience portion filed before the Eduction section, and a summary statement, along with a “Highlights of Qualifications” section, is also included.

Psychology CV example


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